What We Do : Financial Management

Financial Stewardship is key to any organization and STRATA has tools to help you track each and every dollar. 

From client tracking to electronic invoices, media companies put their trust in STRATA’s solutions.  STRATA’s media financial management capabilities offer seamless, auditable integration to your core business tools, stability to manage your core business and the flexibility to support the billing and financials associated with an ever-changing digital marketplace.

  • The Approach

    STRATA takes a consulting, project-based approach to your business.  This includes a full discovery and design phase, followed by custom software development and/or an implementation of existing financial software tools to ensure you have the right fit of capabilities for your business.

  • Services

    STRATA solutions help businesses track every dollar.  From ratings analysis, order stewardship, invoicing, and billing, clients can easily track performance, expenses, and ROI.


“We decided that no other software company could meet our needs like Strata. We chose STRATA for its unique tools to help media buyers do their jobs more efficiently and more effectively.”

  • Internet or Digital Property

    Rely on STRATA systems to manage the entire pre-sales and ordering process (including CRM) for both cable and digital medias. Integration to major traffic systems and customized billing systems provide a complete solution.

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  • Cable MSOP/Ad Sales Exec.

    Experience a complete solution through STRATA for integration to major traffic systems and customized billing systems.  STRATA systems manage the entire pre-sales and ordering process (including CRM) for both cable and digital medias. 

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  • Broadcast Radio Station

    More than 5,500 radio stations use STRATA’s RadioInvoices.com to send electronic invoices to their buying clients.  It’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to help your clients save money and for stations to get paid faster.

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  • Broadcast TV Station

    STRATA’s TVInvoices.com is the leading provider of electronic invoices to the buying community.  For a low monthly fee, clients send unlimited invoices.  Internet billing and digital sub-channels are also covered!

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  • Media Buying Agency

    Media Buying tools must transparently weave into Financial Systems, perfectly.  STRATA’s buying tools do so with Microsoft Dynamics and all Agency Management Financial Systems, allowing you the choice of which system works best for your business.

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We’ve been impressed by advances to the product. Especially, we like their close integration with companies that provide electronic invoicing and electronic ordering/confirmations.

Molly Schenkel - LAWRENCE & SCHILLER

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