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Paul Levy Vice President, Custom Development

Efficiency through technology.  That is Paul Levy’s mantra.  STRATA’s Vice President, Custom Development strives for that efficiency in all that he does.  That dates back to his time working at a large Madison Avenue ad agency.  “I was drawn by the impact of media and advertising and I was equally intrigued when I noticed that there were a lot of inefficiencies in the industry,” said Levy.  “I worked in buying and planning and saw a gap in technology that I knew I could fill.”

Levy now oversees a team of 50 people at STRATA dedicated to working with companies to design and build technology solutions that help them address current needs.  “360 degree marketing - plain and simple!  There are so many ways and processes to reach targets.  It is a great challenge and opportunity for us as experts in building custom solutions to build the systems to fit those needs.”

Prior to joining STRATA, Levy was also a partner in a 2002 start-up, SpotBuySpot (SBS).  The company was a Media Consulting and Development firm founded on the premise that the changing media landscape was creating unique needs for advertising companies that could not be serviced by the industry’s software providers.  SBS posted 5 consecutive years of revenue growth and profitability with Levy working with companies to design, develop and implement custom software solutions ranging from complete enterprise system replacements to media specific decision support applications.  “What I love about SBS and STRATA is that we are always pushing forward, always staying one step ahead”

Prior to SBS, Levy had been the COO of Reuters, AdValue Media Technologies. Levy utilized his past experience as a pioneer of electronic business exchanges to create innovative e-Business systems such as 11, RadioInvoices.com and TVInvoices.com.  These services connect trading partners electronically and exist as industry leading standards today. 

“Its funny, people ask me what I’d do if I wasn’t in this business.  I’d have to say, I’d be in home improvement, maybe an architect or a general contractor.  I see opportunity in that business – to be someone that homeowners can trust and to build them a solution.  (Laughs), When you look at it – I guess that’s what we do here at STRATA.  We are architects but we also fill the role of general contractor and bring the proper trades to the job.”

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