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Francine L. Olson Vice President–Major Accounts, Cable

Buy side… sell side, Francine L. Olson knows all areas of the advertising process.  Olson currently serves as Vice President – Major Accounts, Cable.  “I started on the Agency side and moved to cable years ago.  The benefit is that I understand all angles of the business,” said Olson.  “That really fits with STRATA as well, because we serve both media buying and selling. We can create efficiencies that may not have existed before because we cover every corner of the industry.”

Olson has been with STRATA since 1996 and is responsible for coordination of STRATA software deployment, development priorities and interfacing with cable ad sales and operations leaders.  Her experience at STRATA is vast, having served in the capacity of Client Service and Technical Support along with Data Service.  “It has been great to watch STRATA grow.  But despite our size we respond quickly to client and industry needs.  That is gratifying.” 

As STRATA broadened its client base to include Broadcast TV stations, Olson was the first Product Manager to develop the software product suite for that market.  This led to her overseeing Product Development for the Cable and Broadcast TV software suites.  “I love how we create and innovate.  We make a difference to the people in the industry.  We are always looking at how we can make it better, faster and more efficient.”

Olson’s diverse background follows her into her personal life, too.  “I really like to needlepoint.  I know it sounds old and grandmas do that – but it’s relaxing and precise,” said Olson with a grin.  One of my favorite things to do is to watch football and needlepoint.  Every fall you can catch me on the couch, needlepoint in hand and cheering on my 49ers!”

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