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How STRATA Can Help You

The whole-scale changes that are occurring in this fragmented media landscape require a customizable and convergent solution with the technology to enable your organization to lead rather than react. STRATA will transform your business in a way that adds efficiency and precision across traditional and emerging platforms at the scale your clients demand.

Buying Media

Profitability within a media buying organization is driven by great Technology.  Leading the way with innovative media buying, stewardship, and reporting tools, STRATA provides the industry’s top-rated systems for traditional and emerging media.

Selling Media

With STRATA, sales and research meet in a powerful combination that puts you in control.  From a single station in your neighborhood to a multi-channel, multi-network, multi-media sale across North America - STRATA helps you do it all in a presentation that helps you win new business and keep existing clients.

Financial Management

STRATA’s media financial management capabilities offer seamless, auditable integration to your core business tools, stability to manage your core business and the flexibility to support the billing and financials associated with an ever-changing digital marketplace.

Data & Analytics

Get control of your data with STRATA!  Get real-time access to all of your data regardless of where your buys, proposals, invoices, sales data, and much more are housed.

Custom Solutions

SBS provides expertise in strategically defining and executing technology solutions that provide immediate business value.  We deliver services to agencies, buying services, media sellers, rep firms and media vendors.

E-Business Platforms

STRATA’s leadership in e-Business is transforming the industry by connecting buyers and sellers like never before.  Electronic efficiencies made possible through STRATA’s groundbreaking work features electronic avails, orders, invoices and much more.